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VM-kalender 2021 FIA RX2e Championship *
Plats Land  
Belgien Spa 1 + 2 + 3 *
12-13/6 Norge Hell 2 + 3 *
19-20/6 Finland Kouvola 1 *
3-4/7 Sverige Höljes 1 + 2 + 3 *
24-25/7 Spanien Barcelona 1 + 2 *
31-1/8 Tyskland Nürburgring 2 *
21-22/8 TBA TBA (Europa) 3 *
4-5/9 Frankrike Lohéac 1 + 2 + 2*
15-16/10 TBA TBA (MEA)
27-28/11 Sydafrika Killarney  
* = inkluderar Fia RX2e
Officiell hemsida
Plats Land  
Belgien Spa  
12-13/6 Norge Hell  
3-4/7 Sverige Höljes  
24-25/7 Spanien Barcelona  
31-1/8 Tyskland Nürburgring **
4-5/9 Frankrike Lohéac  
* All dates subject to final agreement with the new World Championship promoter
** Subject to track homologation
Officiell hemsida
RallyX Nordic 2021 Rallycross-SM
1-2/5 Nysum Danmark RallyX Nordic only
13-14 Höljes Sverige RallyX Nordic and SM
5-6/6 TBA Danmark RallyX Nordic only)
13-15 Arvika Sverige RallyX Nordic and SM
Provisional 2021 RallyX Nordic presented by Cooper Tires Calendar
Officiell hemsida Reservation för ändringar

Höljes Finnskoga MK 1 & 2
Piteå Piteå MS 3 & 4
Västerås Västerås MS 5 & 6
Arvika MK Team Westom  
I deltävling 1-6 kör Supercar Lites, 2400, 2150, Juniorer samt RM för damer (2150)
I superfinalen kör även RX1 och Supernationell
Officiell hemsida
Skellefteå MS    
Piteå MS    
16-17 juli
Kalix MS    
Officiell hemsida


21-01-23 Registrations open for new FIA RX2e Championship
20 places available in first-ever FIA electric rallycross championship
Cars to be allocated on a first come, first served basis
Competitors will benefit from pre-season testing opportunities
Registration forms can be downloaded from new fia-rx2e.com website

Driver registration is officially open for the 2021 FIA RX2e Championship, with competitors encouraged to signal their interest quickly as excitement builds around the first-ever FIA electric rallycross championship.

RX2e is set to electrify the international rallycross landscape in 2021, as it joins the undercard to the high-profile FIA World Rallycross Championship at six major European events – Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium (22/23 May), Hell in Norway (12/13 June), Höljes in Sweden (3/4 July), Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain (24/25 July), the Nürburgring in Germany (31 July / 1 August) and Lohéac in France (4/5 September).

Jointly developed by Spanish electro-mobility specialist QEV Technologies and Swedish rallycross powerhouse Olsbergs MSE, the bespoke, lightweight, four wheel-drive RX2e car is built around a spaceframe chassis and incorporates two independent powertrains alongside a 32kWh battery, with the motor generating up to 250kW (335bhp) of power and 460Nm torque. As an overall rpm range average value, this represents respectively a 24% and 14% increase over the existing Supercar Lites car, narrowing the gap to rallycross’ headlining Supercar class.

What’s more, the emphasis will be placed firmly on ability behind the wheel as – in a first for rallycross – drivers will have three key parameters to play with before and between races, injecting an extra element of skill into the equation.

From inside the cockpit, competitors will be able to manually adjust the amount of torque produced by the front and rear motors, the total torque deployed by all four wheels during the launch and the degree of regenerative braking on the front and rear axles.

The car has been tested and refined extensively in recent months by two-time RX2 International Series title-winner and reigning RallyX Nordic Champion Oliver Eriksson, as well as namesake and FIA World RX event-winner Sebastian Eriksson. The former has high hopes for the pioneering new championship.

“It’s like an electric rollercoaster – you step on the throttle, and the car simply takes off and then keeps on accelerating,” enthused Eriksson, RX2e’s official test-driver and ambassador. “That’s the advantage of electric, and it’s all about learning how to handle and harness that power.

“As a driver, that’s really exciting and it will generate very close, competitive racing. The great thing about RX2e is that it will be entirely new for everybody – nobody will go into it with a prior advantage. That means that ultimately, it will be the driver that makes the difference, not the size of somebody’s wallet. I genuinely believe it will be the most talented and hardest-working driver that wins the championship.”

Cars will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, with full-season registration set to close five weeks ahead of the first event. Round-by-round registration will open on 5 April and will similarly close five weeks before each race weekend. Once this process has been successfully completed, entries must be formally registered with the FIA.

The initial registration form – as well as the official Championship Manual and accompanying Appendices – can be found in the ‘Regulations’ and ‘How to Register’ sections of the new FIA RX2e Championship website: fia-rx2e.com

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